little-lukasiak asked:

Mckenzie was absolutely stunning in the dance off! She was levels above nia and Chloe and any sane person could see that. It was so great that her talent finally got recognized because lifetime always tries to hide it! It's so sad that some people are so hypnotized I'm being "dance moms fans" that they don't realize that these are real kids who have real feelings! Mckenzie was so sassy and gorgeous and doesn't deserve any of hate from these ignorant people!

2dancingkids answered:

Thank you so much.  People need to understand, McKenzie is such a sweet girl, she just wants to be seen for what she is nothing more nothing less.  There could be 1000 positive comments and 1 negative one, and she will focus on the 1 negative.  She just wants everyone to like her.  

She is literally me. :)